About Beyond GM

Beyond GM is a new independent initiative set up by experienced campaigners and journalists. Its goal is to raise the level of the debate on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the UK and elsewhere, at both the local and national level. Its activities aim to broaden the discussion about GMOs beyond the abstract, and often impenetrable, scientific and academic arena and out into the public arena.

The campaign aims to bring some vitality back into GM campaigning by working with the strengths, talent and commitment of real people all over the UK and bringing their views to the fore.

But it also has a serious purpose.

For two decades the idea of GMOs has been ‘sold’ to the public as a way to ‘fix’ the food system.

The truth is GM crops and foods were conceived at a time when many still believed that industrial farming was the answer to all our problems. Today they are little more than a crutch, used to prop up some of the worst, most damaging and most outdated aspects of a broken food system.

If anyone tells you that GM crops are the answer to the problems of food insecurity, environmental degradation, and world hunger it’s a sure sign that they have failed to understand the true nature of these very serious problems.

Beyond GM will be raising questions and criticisms, but also focusing on solutions to providing nutritious food for a growing population that move us beyond the limited vision of GMOs to something altogether more sustainable and inspiring.

We want everyone to take part in some way, either by spreading the word via email and social media, by starting local groups, or by lending your skills and talents to help us start a bigger conversation.

If you care about your food, about what goes into it, where it comes from and the environment it is grown in, join us. Together we can build a movement and a better food system for the UK and beyond.