Do you want GMOs on the menu? We want your views

February 26, 2017 by Staff Reporter

One of the most important things we do here at Beyond GM is represent YOUR VIEWS to those in power.

Chefs and caterers wield enormous power in the foodservice industry and yet there is almost no dialogue between customers and chefs/caterers on the GMO issue. This in spite of the fact that a substantial number of UK restaurants use GMO oil for cooking (without saying so on the menu) and that 80% of our meat in the UK is GM fed. The biotech industry is currently on a charm offensive with chefs – encouraging them to embrace GMOs on the menu and new synthetic biology ingredients like vanilla, saffron, stevia, coconut and cocoa and a variety of other flavourings and fragrances are being developed.

We’d like to know your views and be able to represent them to chefs and caterers in our ongoing discussions. Please take the quick scroll through survey in the box below and be part of the debate.


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