Let’s get Beyond GM

We want to get discussion flowing, see widespread independent research in action and the results freely available, and encourage consumers to take charge of their future. It’s time to cut through the bias and the vested interests. Let’s get the facts straight, and let’s get beyond GM.

Every day we’re making choices that count – we are all already part of the GMO debate. There simply is no opting out. We need to be aware of what we’re saying ‘yes’ to each time we make a purchase.

What’s happening in the US shows us what our future will be if we stand by and allow GMOs to silently spread. Let’s not wait until we reach the point of no return. Let’s change course now.

You don’t have to wave a frankenfood placard or join the marching masses to make your voice heard. Simply making informed every day choices helps shape the future, for ourselves and for our children. Here’s how to start.

Think like there’s nobody listening

The GMO debate feels like it has only two sides, and that choosing one or the other puts us in strongly oppositional radical camps. For many of us, it sounds like too much of a complicated, highly political issue, and perhaps not something that we need to take a view on right now.

Choosing to say ‘No’ to GMOs doesn’t mean joining the radicals, it’s not being anti-science or reactionary. It’s a sensible response to say I don’t know what this is, what it means, or what difference it will make in the future, so until we know all the facts, no thanks.

But even to have the option of saying No today, or in the future, we need to act. Now.

Shop like the future matters

Choosing organic is the simplest way to be GMO-free. Organic certification ensures that your food, cosmetics or fabric are free from genetically modified ingredients (as well as having many other health, environmental and social benefits).

Stand up and be counted

Register your support for a GM Free UK online at GM Free ME. It only takes a minute to upload photo of yourself holding up a message on the the downloadable message card. Once your done why not send a copy of your personal photo page to your MP with a message to keep the UK GM Free. People power changes policy.

Muck in with a friendly farmer

Community supported agriculture, or CSA, is where partnerships are formed between farmers and their communities – covering everything from veg box schemes and land-share projects to buying shares in a cow for dairy dividends. Find out what’s cropping up near you at via the Soil Association.

Go loco for local

Supporting your local farmers and growers connects you with what’s going on all around you. It’s the best way to find out about your food and how it’s grown – as well as enjoying a wide variety of deliciously fresh and seasonal food. Track down your nearest farmers’ market or producer at Big Barn.

Check out your supermarket

Big stores make a big difference. Whilst GM food is labeled in the UK, produce made with dairy or meat products from animals fed on GMOs is not. See how your supermarket stacks up and what you can do to let it know you want a better service.