Mums Say No GMOs takes to the streets of Bristol

December 1, 2014 by Pat Thomas

Bristol Mums took to the streets on Saturday to protest against Sainsburys and other supermarkets’ policy of selling meat and dairy products fed on GM feed.

Around 20 Mums marched down Whiteladies Road and stood outside Sainsbury’s supermarket at Clifton Down with banners which showed their concerns about GM fed food products. A number passer-bys stopped to show their support of the protesters and to have their photo taken for the GM Free Me visual petition, which aims to collect 100,000 photos/selfies from people who want the UK to remain GM free, by election time next year.

All supermarkets in the UK have, to a greater or lesser extent, reneged on their promises not to sell meat fed on GM feed last year. Now most dairy, meat and eggs sold in British supermarkets comes from animals that have been fed on imported GM feed. Meanwhile, GM food products have started to creep onto supermarket shelves despite customers opposition to them.

In January, the EU will vote on legislation which could open the flood gates not only to imported GM food products but to commercial GM crops being grown on British soil for the first time. The Mums Say no to GMOs group, which gathered outside Sainsburys on Saturday say they are in a last ditch stand to prevent this from happening and they want mums across the country to join them.

“We want to keep GM crops out of this country. We also want to know what we are being sold in the supermarkets and we want to use our consumer power to get supermarkets to think twice before stocking GM foods in the first place,” said Sally Beare, one of the protesters. “Today’s protest was the beginning of many more”.