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Common questions about GMOs




Ask questions about GMOs


How much do you know about glyphosate?

The ‘new’ GMOs and what they mean to food, health and safety

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Good Food Makes Everything Better

A series that explores the multiple ways in which food links into human and environmental wellbeing. For links to sources and suggested readings for each leaflet see here.


Animal Welfare

Climate Change


Food Waste





For and about kids

Children feel the impact of our industrial food system more, for instance through poor nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins. It is also important that we find ways to help educate them about what a sustainable food system looks like.

The impacts of industrial food on children’s health

How much do you know about GMOs?


Our reports

Beyond GM has commissioned two important surveys which look at UK citizen concerns and beliefs around GMOs in food and farming, and at how these issues are represented in the media. Articles around these issues can be found on our main website.

Shocking pro-GMO bias at the BBC exposed

What customers want chefs to know about GMOs