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Let’s get UK chefs talking about GMOs

This year our new initiative, Stir the Pot, aims to get chefs in the UK learning more, thinking more and talking more about GMOs. If you eat out – you can be part of the conversation

An uncontrolled experiment in out of home eating

Novelty, the ability to stay ahead of trends and to offer the unusual is one of the things that drives the restaurant business. There is very little regulation around the kind of food that can be served. There’s no real prohibition, for instance, against serving endangered species – though this is a questionable practice, especially  … Read more

GMOs in the UK food system – new leaflets

As part of our work with chefs we’ve been working with the Greencuisine Trust to produce a series of downloadable leaflets looking at GMOs in the UK food system. Here’s the first three.

Dead ends on the road to sustainability

Sustainability is not just about carbon, energy, resources and pollution. It is also about health, wellbeing, tradition and culture. It also requires boundaries and restraint and therefore, trade-offs within those boundaries.

Beyond GM Publications

We have a wide range of leaflets for you to read and download. If you would like some to give away at events please let us know.   Genetic Technologies Manifesto 2024 As the UK heads for a general election and a possible change of government, we have an opportunity to shift the debate around  … Read more

Something fishy about sustainable fish, chef?

A universal truth – whether you are buying a used car or sourcing ‘sustainable’ farmed of GMO fish for a restaurant – is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

FDA: Fake meat GMO burger may not be safe to eat

The US Food and Drug Administration has safety concerns about the fake meat Impossible Burger’s ‘plant blood’ – made via genetic engineering. Here’s what you need to know about the tech takeover of food.