Not In My Supermarket Toolkit

We’ll be developing this toolkit in the coming weeks. But the resources below should help you get started and put pressure on supermarkets to commit to not stocking unregulated and unlabelled plant and animal foods made using new gene-editing techniques.

Read the letter

A .pdf of the civil society letter to supermarkets is available for download here.

Put the pressure on via social media

Please follow our twitter and Facebook pages and share our posts tagging all the UK supermarkets. Compose your own posts tagging all UK supermarkets. You can find some suggested posts to get you started at this link.

A petition to protect GMO labels

Beyond GM and  GM Freeze have a joint petition new petition, calling on the UK government to protect consumers’ right to know if they are eating GMOs. Please sign the petition and encourage others you know to do the same. Beyond GM and GM Freeze will be sending the petition to Defra as part of our individual responses to the consultation.

A petition to ensure GMOs hidden in animal feed are labelled

The Mums Say no to GMOs group has an open petition calling on all UK supermarkets to ensure that foods produced from animals fed on GM Feed are labelled. You can sign that petition here. Beyond GM will be sending links to the petition along with its response to the consultation.


Respond to the consultation

The government is asking for your views. A strong public response will ensure that it cannot simply change the regulations because it wants to. Beyond GM has written extensively about the public consultation and provided advice on how to respond.