Raising our voices for a GM free UK

January 16, 2015 by Staff Reporter

Beyond GM has just come back from a very busy time at the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

We were fortunate enough to be asked to present two sessions during the conference; one on The New Science on GMOs and the second on Engaging the Public and Catalysing Action on GMOs.

Our stall at the conference was very busy too with people coming by to chat and have their GM Free Me pictures taken for our visual petition.

GM Free Me is growing more and more each week – and the momentum is all the more urgent given the recent EU vote to allow GMOs to be planted throughout Europe. Our politicians may want them but the British public still does not want GMOS in its food or on its farms.

To highlight this point we’ve made a short video which we hope you will watch and share with others to encourage them to join in. Enjoy!