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GMOs on the menu – UK customers speak out

Our latest survey shows that the vast majority of customers in the UK see GMOs as a crucial issue in sustainability, traceability and authenticity – and they want our chefs to keep genetically modified food off the menu.

Stir the Pot serves up a first course

The subject of GMOs in the restaurant food chain was on the menu this week at an influential roundtable discussion on sustainability and provenance in UK restaurants.


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Our Campaigns

Beyond GM’s campaigns and activities include: GM Free Me GM Free Me is a visual petition. It’s an alternative ‘national portrait gallery’ made up of real people who are tired of politicians and regulators playing with our food whilst accepting no responsibility for the consequences of the game. The pictures here, and the people who take  … Read more

An uncontrolled experiment in out of home eating

Novelty, the ability to stay ahead of trends and to offer the unusual is one of the things that drives the restaurant business. There is very little regulation around the kind of food that can be served. There’s no real prohibition, for instance, against serving endangered species – though this is a questionable practice, especially  … Read more

Dead ends on the road to sustainability

Sustainability is not just about carbon, energy, resources and pollution. It is also about health, wellbeing, tradition and culture. It also requires boundaries and restraint and therefore, trade-offs within those boundaries.