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Post Brexit government must make sustainable food policy a priority

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Over 80 organisations, including Beyond GM, have signed a letter to David Davies and Theresa May outlining the implications of Brexit on food and farming.

European officials delay decision on glyphosate – again

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Time is running out on the decision to relicense the toxic herbicide glyphosate in Europe. Will EU authorities follow the science – or follow the money?

God’s red pencil? CRISPR and the three myths of precise genome editing

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New “gene editing” techniques are the subject of a massive PR blitz intended to fool u into thinking that they are more precise – and therefore safer- than old genetic engineering techniques. Don’t believe the hype

Beyond GM joins Neil Young’s Global Village in the UK/EU

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We’re privileged to be organising the GMO and Future of Farming tents in Neil Young’s Global Villages throughout the UK and the rest of the EU. Here’s the story…

Flawed US GMO labelling will damage the anti-GM movement on both sides of the Atlantic

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What does victory look like in the GMO labelling battle? We review the good, the bad and the potentially ugly, as well as the repercussions of US action – and inaction – for the EU.

A new kids revolution

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It’s easy to think that kids don’t have any power; but that’s simply not true, says teen activist Rachel Parent, founder of Kids Right to Know and supporter of Beyond GM’s Our Food Our Future project.

New video project gives kids a voice in the GMO debate

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Beyond GM’s new video project aims to give children across the Americas a chance to speak up about GMOs and educate other kids in the world about their experiences.

Listening to the voices of the future

From Campaigning

Beyond GM co-founder/director Pat Thomas reflects on our new campaign, Our Food Our Future, which gives kids in the Americas a chance to talk to kids in the EU about GMOs – and on the ups and downs of her own childhood activism.

NGOs file objections to UK field trials of GM crops

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A coalition of UK NGOs, including Beyond GM, has filed comprehensive objections to proposed field trials on GM potatoes and GM camelina.

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Neil Young signs the Letter from America ‘for all living things’

From The Letter From America

Rock legend Neil Young​, currently touring Europe, is warning Europeans not to be fool…

Now, let’s get kids talking about GMOs!

From The Letter From America

Beyond GM's new video project extends the Letter from America and aims to give children…

US food companies to plan to label GMOs – but is there more to the story?

From GM Free Me

Are the recent turnarounds in GMO labelling in the US a victory - or is there a lot more to this rapi…

Are GMO crops OK as long as you don’t eat them?

From GM Free Me

GMOs and their associated pesticides support a damaging, outdated form of agriculture and can find th…