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Gates Foundation hired PR firm to influence UN over gene drives

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has paid $1.6 million to a PR firm to recruit a covert coalition of academics to encourage the UN to think more favourably about a risky new GM technology.

Glyphosate in the EU – what’s the plan?

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The EU has failed – once again – to agree on how to proceed with the relicensing of glyphosate, the active ingredient which underpins Roundup the world’s most widely used herbicide. It’s time to ask: what exactly is the plan here?

Peace, love and (glyphosate in your) ice cream

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In a series of tests on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream sold in the UK and EU, worrying levels of glyphosate were found. Here’s what that means – and how Ben & Jerry’s responded and why you shouldn’t be too hopeful.

Scientists demand better regulation of new GMO techniques

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The risks of new GM techniques include toxic food crops and ecological harm, says a statement signed by over 60 scientists.

FDA: Fake meat GMO burger may not be safe to eat

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The US Food and Drug Administration has safety concerns about the fake meat Impossible Burger’s ‘plant blood’ – made via genetic engineering. Here’s what you need to know about the tech takeover of food.

GMOs on the menu – UK customers speak out

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Our latest survey shows that the vast majority of customers in the UK see GMOs as a crucial issue in sustainability, traceability and authenticity – and they want our chefs to keep genetically modified food off the menu.

Stir the Pot serves up a first course

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The subject of GMOs in the restaurant food chain was on the menu this week at an influential roundtable discussion on sustainability and provenance in UK restaurants.

EU NGOs: new plant breeding techniques must be included in GMO regulations

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NGOs from across Europe, including Beyond GM, issue a joint position statement, insisting that EU legislation must be fully applied to the so-called ‘New Plant Breeding Techniques’.

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GMO 2.0 – what you should know

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New genetic modification techniques are currently being used to change our food system, with largely…

GMO oils and the risk of liver disease

From GM Free Me

A new study has found links between consumption of GMO soybean oil - used widely these days in restau…

GM maize – a cautionary tale

From GM Free Me

In a globalised food system the story of white maize flour potentially contaminated with a nonfood va…

UK government: yes to new GM wheat trial

From GM Free Me

In spite of concerns that it could increase antibiotic resistance and contaminate existing crops, the…