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Gene drives: to a land of milk and honey or the apocalypse?

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Gene drives have the potential to spread genetically engineered genes through wild species, causing massive ecological disruption and even “re-engineering” entire populations.

Let’s get UK chefs talking about GMOs

From Campaigning

This year our new initiative, Stir the Pot, aims to get chefs in the UK learning more, thinking more and talking more about GMOs. If you eat out – you can be part of the conversation

UK GMO wheat trial to go ahead

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Ignoring concerns that it could increase antibiotic resistance and contaminate existing crops, the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has given the go-ahead for a new open air trial of GMO wheat.

EU stalls on authorising new GMOs – again

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The result of this week’s EU vote on the authorisation of three GM maize varieties isn’t a straightforward win or lose – it’s just the next shambolic step in a long and unsatisfactory process.

Glyphosate’s link to liver damage exposed

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Newly published evidence shows that, at levels many thousands of times below what regulators around the world consider ‘safe’, long-term dietary exposure to glyphosate can trigger liver disease.

GMOs not ‘substantially equivalent’ to natural foods

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A new study examining a widely-consumed strain of GMO maize has found that the process of genetic modification substantially raised levels of toxins in the plant.

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UK government: yes to new GM wheat trial

From GM Free Me

In spite of concerns that it could increase antibiotic resistance and contaminate existing crops, the…

Coming to a shop near you – sneaky new GMOs

From GM Free Me

Biotech corporations are sneaking new types of GMOs into all kinds of things from apples to designer…

FDA tests find glyphosate in US honey

From GM Free Me

Confidential records reveal that levels of the toxic herbicide were higher than could be considered …

Neil Young signs the Letter from America ‘for all living things’

From The Letter From America

Rock legend Neil Young​, currently touring Europe, is warning Europeans not to be fool…