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FDA: Fake meat GMO burger may not be safe to eat

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The US Food and Drug Administration has safety concerns about the fake meat Impossible Burger’s ‘plant blood’ – made via genetic engineering. Here’s what you need to know about the tech takeover of food.

GMOs on the menu – UK customers speak out

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Our latest survey shows that the vast majority of customers in the UK see GMOs as a crucial issue in sustainability, traceability and authenticity – and they want our chefs to keep genetically modified food off the menu.

Stir the Pot serves up a first course

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The subject of GMOs in the restaurant food chain was on the menu this week at an influential roundtable discussion on sustainability and provenance in UK restaurants.

EU NGOs: new plant breeding techniques must be included in GMO regulations

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NGOs from across Europe, including Beyond GM, issue a joint position statement, insisting that EU legislation must be fully applied to the so-called ‘New Plant Breeding Techniques’.

Do you want GMOs on the menu? We want your views

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Tell us what you think about GMOs in restaurant and takeaway food – we’ll make sure UK chefs and caterers hear what you have to say

Gene drives: to a land of milk and honey or the apocalypse?

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Gene drives have the potential to spread genetically engineered genes through wild species, causing massive ecological disruption and even “re-engineering” entire populations.

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GM maize – a cautionary tale

From GM Free Me

In a globalised food system the story of white maize flour potentially contaminated with a nonfood va…

UK government: yes to new GM wheat trial

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In spite of concerns that it could increase antibiotic resistance and contaminate existing crops, the…

Coming to a shop near you – sneaky new GMOs

From GM Free Me

Biotech corporations are sneaking new types of GMOs into all kinds of things from apples to designer…

FDA tests find glyphosate in US honey

From GM Free Me

Confidential records reveal that levels of the toxic herbicide were higher than could be considered …