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Organic GMOs – ask yourself, can this ever be a ‘thing’?

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The idea that new ‘genome editing’ techniques like CRISPR and gene drives could have a role in organic agriculture has prompted some difficult discussions around values and worldviews.

Tell your MEP to vote for a moratorium on gene drives

From News

Please write to your MEP before October 25 and ask him or her to support a proposed international moratorium on risky gene drives.

Citizen science reveals glyphosate in UK breakfast cereals

From Articles

A UK doctor took matters into her own hands and had four popular UK cereal brands tested for glyphosate. So just what are we – and our children – eating?

Joint petition demands the UK protect GM food labels post-Brexit

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Will the UK maintain strict GMO labelling laws post-Brexit? We’ve teamed up with GM Freeze to petition the UK government to ensure we all know what we are eating in future.

US Jury orders Monsanto to pay $289 million in Roundup cancer trial

From News

In the first of many pending trials in the US, a California jury has ruled that the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) can cause cancer, that Monsanto knew this and failed to provide adequate warnings.

GM-fed salmon are being trialled in GM-free Scotland

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An experiment in feeding farmed salmon GM feed is underway in the highlands of Scotland – and you should be worried about where it is taking us.

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Monsanto fined $289 million for failing to warn users of glyphosate-cancer link

From GM Free Me

In the first of many pending trials in the US, a California jury has ruled that the herbicide glyphos…

GM beer, anyone?

From GM Free Me

Genetic engineers in California have genetically engineered brewers' yeast that can make a beer-like…

Glyphosate and the epidemic of child ill health

From GM Free Me

The revelations about the damaging effects of glyphosate – the world’s most widely used herbicide…

Amazon sells GM Arctic apples unlabelled

From GM Free Me

It's not illegal - but it is irresponsible; in the US online retailer Amazon has been selling a dried…