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The Genetic Technology Act – Does Change Begin Right Now?

From Articles

When Labour was in opposition it argued strenuously that the Genetic Technology Act, which hides the presence of precision bred GMOs in the food system, was not fit for purpose. Now that Labour is in power, will it follow through, scrap the inadequate legislation and start again?

Voters: Tell Would-be MPs to Take PBO Regulation Seriously

From News

UK GMO campaigns have joined together to urge citizens to write to candidates in their area and demand action on more robust and transparent regulation of genetically engineered, so-called “precision-bred”, organisms (PBOs).

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your MP ‘Precision Bred’ GMOs Must Be Labelled

From News

The majority of UK citizens want to see genetically engineered – so called ‘precision bred’ (PBO) – foods labelled. Let those in power know that upcoming changes to the Genetic Technology Act must include provisions for mandatory labelling. Email your MP now using Beyond GM’s e-action page.

Food Standards Agency on PBOs: ‘We’re Not Listening’

From News

The Food Standards Agency has published the report on its public consultation on the marketing of genetically modified precision bred foods (PBOs) in England. It asked for citizen views – and then ignored them.

Detection of new GMOs – Possible and Necessary for Transparency and Public Trust

From News

Detection of gene edited organisms is possible and detection methods must be demanded from the developer as a condition of approval of gene edited food and feed. Read the new joint briefing from Beyond GM and GMWatch.

Guidance on the FSA Consultation on Precision Breeding

From Articles

We have had many requests for help in filling in the Food Standards Agency (FSA) consultation on the deregulation of genetically modified precision-bred organisms (GMO/PBOs) in UK food and feed. Here’s some basic guidance on the consultation to help you choose a way to respond that suits you.

Food and Farming Business Experts: Food Standards Agency Consultation on Precision-Bred Organisms is “Misleading” and “Flawed”

From News

A group of experts representing business, farming, certification, academia, science and civil society have lodged a formal complaint against the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA), raising serious concerns about its public consultation process on genetically modified precision bred organisms (PBOs) and calling for the consultation to be withdrawn.

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