November 2014

Biofortification – solution or distraction?

21st November 2014

GM crops, fortified with extra nutrients, proposes itself as a simple solution to world hunger; but the truth is there are no simple solutions

‘Letter from America’ launches to international press attention

20th November 2014

Earlier this month, Beyond GM launched its Letter from America initiative, attracting press attention from all over the globe.

Film: A new people’s campaign

12th November 2014

Filmed at the official launch of Beyond GM at London’s Garden museum on the evening of October 11, this short video features interviews with members of the public as well as Beyond GM directors Pat Thomas and Lawrence Woodward.

A vision of food and farming beyond GM

11th November 2014

A healthy, equitable, sustainable food system from a healthy, equitable, sustainable agriculture is attainable but to get there we have to bring about major changes and move Beyond GM.