March 2016

NGOs file objections to UK field trials of GM crops

21st March 2016

A coalition of UK NGOs, including Beyond GM, has filed comprehensive objections to proposed field trials on GM potatoes and GM camelina.

References: How “extreme levels” of Roundup in food became the industry norm

12th March 2016

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How “extreme levels” of Roundup in food became the industry norm

11th March 2016

As European regulators and Member States face off over the re-licencing of glyphosate, we explore how we’ve come to a place where there is more of Monsanto’s Roundup in much of our food than many essential nutrients.

America’s GMO right-to-know labelling fight heats up

6th March 2016

DARK days indeed, as the US Senate committee approves bill that would overrule mandatory label laws passed on the state level. Can consumers in America overcome corporate power. And if they can’t, can we?