September 2015

Beyond GM joins call for a sustainable food policy in the EU

22nd September 2015

Beyond GM, the Humane Society International, Compassion in World Farming, Food for Life Global and the European Parliament’s Sustainable Food Systems Group have come together for a special event highlighting waste – and sustainability – in the food system

The puppetmasters of academia – what the New York Times left out

13th September 2015

When you read in the press that a scientist supports GMOs – can you trust that point of view? Recently revealed emails between biotech companies and senior academics suggests the answer is no.

Growing doubt: a scientist’s experience of GMOs

10th September 2015

A scientist speaks out about the flawed ways in which we assess the risks of GMOs and how this impacts not just human health but the very integrity of science

Opting out of GMOs in the EU – what does it take?

3rd September 2015

Which EU countries have ‘banned’ GMOs – and what is it going to take to keep Europe GM free? Here are some basics on the bans.