November 2015

Synthetic biology – don’t believe the ‘climate friendly’ hype

29th November 2015

Far from helping us into a sustainable future, this extreme form of genetic modification aims to keep us tied to the oil, coal and gas that is actively driving climate change.

BT Brinjal on “life support” in Bangladesh (& a BBC lie exposed)

20th November 2015

A new report shows that Bt brinjal has been a ‘miserable failure’ in Bangladesh. Bad for the farmers certainly, but also a damning indictment of the pro-GMO bias of the BBC, which favours the industrial farming fantasy over facts.

Supermarkets: it’s time to label all GM-fed animal products

20th November 2015

Campaigning group Mums Say No to GMOs, has launched a UK-wide petition to demand supermarkets label GM-fed animal products. Support it today!

EU one step closer to relicensing glyphosate

13th November 2015

For those hoping for a cleaner EU food system, the new EFSA review, which effectively removes any barriers to the relicensing of glyphosate, makes grim, if somewhat predictable reading.

‘Climate-Smart Agriculture’ – the greenwash threat to the ecological farmers who feed the world

9th November 2015

Agroecology, practised by grassroots small scale food producers and small farmers, is in danger of being pushed off the climate change agenda by corporate interests.

We Feed the World – An inspiring story of sustainable farming

4th November 2015

Beyond GM launches a new campaign today. We Feed the World aims to tell a vitally important story of food, farming and sustainability.