December 2014

Keeping the pressure up on GMOs in 2015

31st December 2014

A year end message from the Beyond GM Team. We’ve had a great year, and with your help and support we are looking forward to a busy – and GMO-free – 2015.

Want to feed the world? Switch to organic farming

10th December 2014

We don’t need outdated technologies like GM to feed the world, a new analysis has shown.

Who says GMOs are safe? (and who says they’re not)

8th December 2014

Claims that big international institutions believe that GMOs are safe, are often either exaggerated or outright misleading. Here are the facts.

How seriously is your MP taking your GMO concerns?

5th December 2014

MPs’ replies to our supporters’ questions have, thus far, been disappointing form letters. On behalf of all citizens, it’s time to start pushing our politicians to be smart, not smug, when it comes to GMOs.

Mums Say No GMOs takes to the streets of Bristol

1st December 2014

Bristol Mums took to the streets on Saturday to protest against Sainsburys and other supermarkets’ policy of selling meat and dairy products fed on GM feed.