January 2015

Outrage over US secret approval of GM trees

30th January 2015

Environmental groups condemn US for bowing to industry and ignoring widespread public opposition; approval of non-edible GMOs still has implications for the food supply

GMOs – a game of risk

29th January 2015

An important joint statement by hundreds of independent scientists deconstructs the notion that there is ‘scientific consensus’ on the safety of GMOs

‘Safer’ GMOs? Really?

27th January 2015

Scientists this week are claiming they have made synthetic bacteria that are ‘safe’ to release into the natural environment – where have we heard that before?

Raising our voices for a GM free UK

16th January 2015

Beyond GM has just come back from a very busy time at the Oxford Real Farming Conference. Here’s what happened…

Public opposition heats up as EU vote clears the way for GMOs in UK

13th January 2015

New legislation may well change the game, but the end result it still up for grabs, vow campaigners

UK government preparing the ground for GM crops

5th January 2015

UK minsters have admitted they are putting in place “pragmatic” arrangements to facilitate the introduction of GMO crops to UK farms.