Waitrose switch to non-GM soya is good news, but…

2nd November 2016

A UK supermarket switching to non-GM feed is a small victory for campaigners, but before you get your flags out, consider the all important context.

European Commission approves 11 more GMOs for food/feed

16th September 2016

Coming to a supermarket near you? The EU has today made several new approvals for GMO maize that can be used in human food and animal feed.

Post Brexit government must make sustainable food policy a priority

14th July 2016

Over 80 organisations, including Beyond GM, have signed a letter to David Davies and Theresa May outlining the implications of Brexit on food and farming.

European officials delay decision on glyphosate – again

25th June 2016

Time is running out on the decision to relicense the toxic herbicide glyphosate in Europe. Will EU authorities follow the science – or follow the money?

Beyond GM joins Neil Young’s Global Village in the UK/EU

14th May 2016

We’re privileged to be organising the GMO and Future of Farming tents in Neil Young’s Global Villages throughout the UK and the rest of the EU. Here’s the story…

New video project gives kids a voice in the GMO debate

4th April 2016

Beyond GM’s new video project aims to give children across the Americas a chance to speak up about GMOs and educate other kids in the world about their experiences.

NGOs file objections to UK field trials of GM crops

21st March 2016

A coalition of UK NGOs, including Beyond GM, has filed comprehensive objections to proposed field trials on GM potatoes and GM camelina.

America’s GMO right-to-know labelling fight heats up

6th March 2016

DARK days indeed, as the US Senate committee approves bill that would overrule mandatory label laws passed on the state level. Can consumers in America overcome corporate power. And if they can’t, can we?

Open letter praises Pope Francis’ defence of biodiversity and small farmers

20th February 2016

International groups, including Beyond GM, sign an open letter to Pope Francis, praising the religious leader for his defence of biodiversity and small farmers

Synthetic biology – don’t believe the ‘climate friendly’ hype

29th November 2015

Far from helping us into a sustainable future, this extreme form of genetic modification aims to keep us tied to the oil, coal and gas that is actively driving climate change.