European NGOs warn GMO approvals process carries ‘unacceptable risk’

7th June 2019

More than 40 organisations from science, environmental protection, lobby control, food production and agriculture have signed a joint letter calling for a halt to the approval processes for GMO applications in the pipeline.

GMOs in the UK food system – new leaflets

17th March 2019

As part of our work with chefs we’ve been working with the Greencuisine Trust to produce a series of downloadable leaflets looking at GMOs in the UK food system. Here’s the first three.

GMO bacteria in Europe’s animal feed spreading antibiotic resistance

4th December 2018

European officials admit genetically engineered additives in the EU’s farm animal food chain pose a serious risk to human health and the environment by spreading antibiotic resistance.

Tell your MEP to vote for a moratorium on gene drives

20th October 2018

Please write to your MEP before October 25 and ask him or her to support a proposed international moratorium on risky gene drives.

Joint petition demands the UK protect GM food labels post-Brexit

10th October 2018

Will the UK maintain strict GMO labelling laws post-Brexit? We’ve teamed up with GM Freeze to petition the UK government to ensure we all know what we are eating in future.

US Jury orders Monsanto to pay $289 million in Roundup cancer trial

12th August 2018

In the first of many pending trials in the US, a California jury has ruled that the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) can cause cancer, that Monsanto knew this and failed to provide adequate warnings.

Victory! European court says new GMO tech must be fully regulated

25th July 2018

Crops obtained by new ‘induced’ or ‘targeted’ mutagenesis should fall under existing laws restricting the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), says top European court.

GMO Golden Rice offers no nutritional benefits says FDA

5th June 2018

After a lengthy assessment the US FDA has concluded that that Golden Rice – genetically engineered to improve child health – does not meet the nutritional requirements to make a health claim.

Kids in the UK: A picture of health?

25th May 2018

Beyond GM hosts Dr Michelle Perro and Dr Vincanne Adams for the UK launch of their book What’s Making Our Children Sick? How Industrial Food Is Causing an Epidemic of Chronic Illness, and What Parents (and their Doctors) Can Do About It.

UK groups unite against open-air GMO field trial

29th March 2018

Twenty-six organisations including farmers, scientists, retailers and environmentalists today lodged a formal objection to the latest proposed open-air GM field trial by Rothamsted Research.