Opting out of GMOs in the EU – what does it take?

3rd September 2015

Which EU countries have ‘banned’ GMOs – and what is it going to take to keep Europe GM free? Here are some basics on the bans.

When it comes to GMOs we don’t trust BBC ‘experts’, public survey reveals

8th July 2015

In the wake of an astonishingly one-sided BBC Panorama programme, 1000 people took part in our survey on pro-GMO bias in the media; this comprehensive report details the results.

Beyond GM hits the road with Neil Young

29th June 2015

Beyond GM will be joining our colleagues at GMO Free USA on tour with Neil Young + Promise of the Real as they debut their new album The Monsanto Years.

Cultivating Myths – The Pro-GMO Bias of the BBC

9th June 2015

Is the BBC balanced – or biased? This week’s Panorama programme entitled GM Food: Cultivating Fear has answered that question for most of us.

A busy day at London’s March Against Monsanto

25th May 2015

It was a wet, chilly and windblown – but also productive and passionate – day at London’s March Against Monsanto, and Beyond GM and Mums Say No to GMOs were a force to be reckoned with.

Our GMO OMG film tour – Opening minds, stimulating action

5th May 2015

Our UK tour of the film GMO OMG is starting important conversations all over the UK; look out for a screening near you

A GMO-free Europe – Future opportunities and challenges

5th May 2015

This week Beyond GM joins regional governments, businesses and NGOs with scientists for a joint conference focused on working together to keep the EU GM-free

What kind of world would l vote for?

1st May 2015

What kind of world are we leaving our children – and what kind of world do they want? Beyond-GM’s youngest supporter Mya-Rose Craig writes here about the world she wants and why GMOs have no place in it.

Beyond GM joins NGOs’ call for China to halt glyphosate production

24th April 2015

Ten European NGOs have sent an open letter to the Chinese people and their Government asking for them to stop producing the cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide used on GMO crops

Those 2015 manifestos in full

24th April 2015

Read what the main parties have to say about GMOs – and weep. And then start asking them some tough questions about how they will fix our broken food system